LightCA version 1.0.0
LightCA version 1.2.0
A simple Certification Authority.


Installation prerequisites ...

Tested on Operating System Windows XP sp 2.
OpenSSL for Windows(Win32OpenSSL-v0.9.8), downloadable here:
Install Win32OpenSSL-v0.9.8.exe in standard directory.
Uncompress LightCA and double-click on Setup.exe.

For problems about this software, feel free to contact me at:
mario.diture -at-

License and usage
This software is a FREEWARE, cannot be sold or included in software collections.
This software is provided "AS IS," without any WARRANTY. The usage is at own risk.
The user that runs this program needs the full control onto LightCA application directory.

LightCA is developed by:
Mario Di Ture.
June 2006-November 2006.

Download the Setup package version 1.0 (7.40 MB)
(The first version)
Download 1.0

Download the Setup package version 1.2 (7.40 MB)
(Search certificates added, some messages modified)
Download 1.2